Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Oy. I know it's been about 2 weeks since the last entry, but life has been pretty darn full lately. Hopefully, your unsatiable thirst for mindless ranting will be somehow appeased by this.

Quite honestly, I'm having major issues at church. I've spent most of the summer trying to become a part of the college/young adult "ministry", but it's just been a mess. The thing is, the core little group of people there have been friends since high school, all live in the area, and so the line between "social event" and "ministry event" tends to be lost on them. I tried to be patient and to just be a part of things, but . . . there is a distinct difference between being along for the ride and being included. Being included means people appreciating your presence, and wanting to interact with you. But those folk . . . not so much. I feel like I'm intruding on a gathering of friends, which I arguably am, the way the "ministry" is set up. I say "ministry" because, well, there's not much ministering going on. It's mostly just a social group for 20-somethings. Whatever happened to the church being all about changing the world around it, rather than just being a support group for whiny people who have trouble fitting into society? ('Course, I say this as an American. God knows the Church is vibrant and alive in other parts of the world)

My problem just is, what do I do? I've always believed that the purpose of being part of a local body of believers (e.g. church) was for Christian fellowship, corporate worship, and organized ministry. When I barely get one out of the three, why bother? I know I can't change it over night by myself. So, what do I do in the meantime? Does God call me to be an agent of change in a church that just doesn't seem to get it? Finding another church doesn't seem to be a choice for the time being. Not that that's a suitable option, but it's not an option all the same.

Heh, well, that was a little more personal than most of my rants so far. I'll probably be back in a few days with something less "Me" oriented. In the meantime, go to for whatever other rants you'd like to see. Trust me, it'll be good fun.


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