Monday, June 07, 2004


All right, people, here's the deal: I spent about 2 hours this morning writing up a nice, long update, only to be interrupted half-way through by class starting in here. I am very annoyed by the concept of having class in our international lounge/computer lab area, but whatever. I figured I'd post what I had written in those 2 hours and finish the rest later.

However, the gods of the internet are not being merciful today. Something went wrong in within the bowels of the blogger servers, and my post became yet another sacrifice to said net deities, as you can see.

That being said, updates about my recent goings-on are delayed yet again, most likely until tomorrow, because I have class in about 20 minutes and I am spending my evening shopping and visiting the post office.

I apologize for the delays, and I thank you for your continued readership and patience in this matter.

(AKA - Hal)

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