Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Where does the time go? Perhaps I have been a little lax in my posting habits as of late, but I am arguably busy. In fact, this is just a quick tid-bit before I head off to bed anyhow, so . . .

Here they come!

Okay, so last week I saw someone tromping across the quad with a shirt that read, "The Vagina's are coming! Vote Vagina!" Ah, the Vagina Monologues must be coming up sometime soon, methinks. I thought that usually happened in the spring, but perhaps someone is misinformed. "Vote Vagina." Cute. Someone has a clever play on the upcoming election.

But then I thought to myself . . . what if that isn't just a joke? What if they're serious? This lead to an interesting question . . . which Presidential candidate best represents the "Vagina ticket", if you will? I would imagine the end-goal of this is to have a President concerned about "women's issues" (whatever that would mean to the Chief Executive).

Granted, this is usually a liberal topic, with a liberal answer: The liberal candidate. Abortion tends to be one of the centerpieces of the discussion, of course. But . . . does supporting abortion really make John Kerry more "pro-Vagina"?

At this point, I don't have many answers to give. Given how very little I know about feminist issues, I can't really say who actually fulfills the "Vagina" requirements. Granted, given the typically liberal agenda of the feminist movement, Kerry is their man, but I'm curious on what basis such a conclusion is reached.

That's all folks. Stay tuned . . .

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Anonymous said...

W-w-w-whaaaaatt?? Larry, you're crazy. I don't think I've seen the word "vagina" as many times as I've just seen it in this column--not even in my doctor's office. But, nice commentary anyway. :)