Wednesday, October 27, 2004

They never cease to amaze me

Well, yesterday I saw the College Democrats on the quad selling t-shirts and handing out stickers. "Buck Fush in '04" they read. Clever, if thinly veiled hatred towards the President. Actually, it's not really clever. It's old and ridiculous. If you hate the President that much that you're willing to wear a t-shirt so as to let the whole world know, why not just skip the niceties and say it minus the spoonerism? Yeah, remember when people were saying that the Democratic party was not a party of hate? That hate is not a family value? Right. I continue to find that line hard to believe when it comes from Democrats.

And it just keeps getting worse. I saw them out there today again. I would have shrugged it off if I hadn't overheard one of the sellers lambasting someone who was surely planning to vote Republican in a few days. This is what I heard: "Because Bush is a maniac . . . and how about, you're an idiot?" Ah, intelligent political discourse. I'm convinced! I'll vote for Kerry! Really, I wish I had said something to the girl right then, but I was too concerned with getting food in my stomach to think about it much at the time. Maybe I'll leave early for my next class and give 'em hell out on the quad.

This is sad, really. Last week, the College Democrats and Republicans had a debate on the election, and it was talked up in the paper as being this intelligent, polite exchange. It's all a lie. The Democrats (at least here) aren't in their natural state with that approach. That's just what they pull out to make nice to the public. Really, they're much more comfortable with a "We hate Bush and everyone who disagrees with us" type approach. Sad.

Side note: Where on earth have the College Republicans been at ISU for the last year or so? I mean, I know the College Democrats have been doing big voter registration drives and what not, campaigning big time for Kerry and Obama. Where's the Republicans? Did they give up? Are they scared of the Democrats' gestapo tactics? Is it just too much to expect Illinois to vote Republican? What gives, people?

Well, that's it for now. I'll have some more soon (hopefully).


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