Monday, December 05, 2005

Coming Attractions

Rule #1 of Blog Club:
Never make promises you can't keep.

Rule #2 of Blog Club:
Never blog about your personal life - it bores the crap out of your audience.

One down, one to go.

Case in point: I did no blogging last week. *Sigh*. It's been a busy week. Grad school . . . who knew it would require ridiculous amounts of work?

In any case, I have my Structural Inorganic final tomorrow, and the Quantum Mechanics and Kinetics on Tuesday, so after that? I might be blogging again. I certainly have a lot of unfinished business that I would like to see on the blog here.

But then I might just be breaking rule #1 again. We'll see what happens.


Nicole said...

Man...I fail at rule #2! Besides, I like reading about your life!

Anonymous said...

If you ever read through my blog, I have a lot of "tomorrow, I'll post pics of..." or "look for a special update this week!" that I never follow up on. You're in good company.


Anonymous said...

ps--you failed at rule number two right after you said what it was.
and it doesn't bore the crap out of everyone...