Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What Media Bias?

So, once again, the Daily Northwestern has shown that media bias really does begin back in journalism school.

Consider the following: The cover story for today's issue was on student groups, Democrats and Republicans, who assembled last night to watch the President's SOTU address. Want to know what the front page picture was?

If you can't tell, this is one of the members of the College Democrats, tallying the number of times President Bush used specific words during the speech. Apparently, the Daily Northwestern couldn't bring itself to also add in the photo caption that they were keeping track of various body languages, such as "pompous chuckle."
I ask again: "Media bias? What media bias?"


Tor said...

What will the Greens do when they find out Democrats can also wear tie-dye shirts?



Hal said...

I dunno, but it'll probably be better than when they find out that I can wear tie-dye shirts (sorry, no pictures).

Anonymous said...

Hey, you don't happen to watch Four Kings on NBC, do you? Four 20-something roommates that live together. Good episode last night. One of them was campaigning for the fictional Democrat congressman, and how they had to "beat that Republican douchebag" (yes, this is network tv). One of them refused. Antics ensue, they think he's gay. They confront him, and the democrat tells him they will accept anything from him, since they'll always be friends and will never judge him. He tells them he's not gay; he's a Republican. Of course, this is unacceptable. At first, I thought it was a giant dig at right-wingers, but then thought about it again, and realized this is exactly how left-wingers act! They can accept anything about you, will "tolerate" anything about you-- unless you disagree with them on politics. Of course, the 'pubbie is trying to mend their friendship and the 'rattie won't let him. Gee, how many times have I been in that 'sitch?
Party of "love and tolerance" my butt.
Anyone that seemingly promotes "love and tolerance" won't write crap like this:

You know, as someone that votes right, but doesn't exactly love the Republican Party, shouldn't I be the voter the Democrats want to recruit? But every month that goes by, I'm just more assured of voting for the Republican.