Thursday, June 15, 2006

Shrinking Government

Yesterday I was conversing with my friend Barry, and he was telling me stories from work. He works for one of the suburbs up here in the Chicago-area, answering phones for City Hall. Now, he usually gets strange phone calls and irate people. New fines on utilities usually provoke such things. However, during he related some of the more bizarre phone calls he receives. A few examples I can recall:

"I'm having my driveway re-topped, and the contractor is charging me $600. Is that a good price? Could I get better?"

"I just killed 15 bees in my house. What should I do?"

I had a great many laughs over these stories. Barry commented that if government, even just locally, was actually as big as people thought it ought to be, it would be an all-consuming juggernaught.

And in that, I find great wisdom. I guess some people never become tired of having their hand held.


Anonymous said...

"I guess some people never become tired of having their hand held."

That's Christianity in a nutshell, Hal!

God is there for your prayers, but when reality strikes, you can always call Barry.

Hal said...

You need a name. I shall call you Steve. Steve the troll.

Jen said...

I know nothing about driveways, but if you've just killed 15 bees in your house, I'd suggest locating the hive and destroying it with a garden hoe and a shovel. And then, once you're in intensive care because 70% of your body is saturated with bee venom, I'd suggest calling for professionals with lots of toxic fog. :-D