Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm in love!

Step 1: Meet girl.
Step 2: Get girl to marry me.
Step 3: Convince girl to let me have this at the wedding.

Step 4: Live happily ever after.
More geeky cakes here.


Nicole said...

Who says ya need a wedding? Looks like the perfect way to celebrate a Friday night to me!

Nintendo party and Mario cake...delicious.

David Cintron said...

no no no, the way to get the girl to go along with it is to have a pair of these on top of the cake. Then you are good to go.

Nicole said...

Alright Cox, if you wanna post here you gotta go back to the roots. Numba 1 Numba 2! Ha....
Hal..that cake is AMAZING..Could you bring it down with you next week?

-Numba 2

Jen said...

Actually, even if you didn't want to have it as the big centerpiece cake, it would be perfect as a groom's cake. (How's that for geek chic?)