Wednesday, November 21, 2007

No wonder they lost

Is it just me, or has the entire nation of England lost their sanity?

We've been hearing lots of "war on Christmas" stories out of that country for a few years now. This year is no different. This Daily Mail article talks about a school replacing the normal, red-suited Santa with a green suited . . . something, because traditional Santa is "too commercial." Whatever. I'm not sure what they replaced him with, though. They say they're using the Eastern European Santa, who wears green, but the article mentions something about a green-suited gnome in an "elemental grotto," whatever the heck that is.

This, however, is the part that just boggles my mind:
School spokesman Sarah James said: "The red-suited Santa was created as a marketing tool by Coca-Cola, it is a symbol of commercialism."
Are . . . are you serious? Really? Is there actually someone in England who is that dumb? Seriously?

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-Murphy said...

It's actually a fairly popular urban legend that gets trotted out this time of year. Coca-Cola merely successfully appropriated the jolly, red-suited Santa and added to his establishment as such a ubiquitous Christmas symbol.