Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Classic Bully

I've been critical of the decision to allow China to host the olympics for quite a while, and everytime I read another story about the torch journeying around the world, my reasons are only confirmed.

Over at Big Lizards, Sachi has a long post documenting some of the recent shenanigans committed in China's name by protesters. It seems that when countries would not allow China's "secret" police to "guard" the torch as it went, they called their foreign nationals to action, fomenting them to violent demonstrations.

The whole thing is worth reading.

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Rabbi Michael Samuel said...


I recently returned from a trip to China where I conducted wedding. Chinese young people really want to embrace Western culture. One young lady told me, "The young people of China just want to be free like the young people of America!"

Perhaps with time and the passing of the current leadership, eventually China will start producing progressive rulers. I think change is inevitable, but it may not occur at the pace we would like to see it. However, I remain hopeful. It was surprising to see how so many Chinese spoke disrespectfully of Mao. BTW, the Chinese people really seemed to love Americans, and they frequently asked us to be in their pictures whenever we toured the country.

Rabbi Michael Samuel