Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The One's Biggest Fan

Hanging out at the student center, I just heard CNN interviewing Oprah about Obama ("The One")'s election. She was near tears. I just had to laugh, though.

When asked how she felt, she choked back and told the reporter, "I just feel . . . like anything is possible, now."

Really? You have what is likely the highest rated afternoon talk show in the world, not to mention being a multimillionaire yourself, and it's this that makes you feel like anything is possible?

Some people lack perspective. Or a sense of irony. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

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Ryan said...

The Oprah quote that I found ironic was when she explained her endorsement by quoting the Bible: "What would it profit to gain the world but lose your soul?" and explained, "I felt like if I did not support this man, I would lose a piece of my soul."

Ironic, since we're told that THE issue on November 4th was "it's the economy, stupid" which I equate with "gain the world." And, I equate "lose your soul" with the Freedom of Choice Act (not to mention Roe v. Wade!)