Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Corruption Charges in Illinois

Would every Illinois governor who isn't currently in or going to prison please step forward?

Whoa, not so fast Rod Blagojevich.

While Gov. Blagojevich (or as I like to call him, G-Rod) has been under investigation for corruption for a number of years now, this incident is completely unrelated to any of the previous investigations.

Apparently, this complain stems from Blagojevich attempting to sell the vacant senate seat left by President-Elect Obama. This being Illinois (and by that, I mean Chicago), I am in no way surprised. What surprises me is that he was caught so blatantly. I can only guess that some of the other players in the Chicago power structure decided that Blagojevich had become a liability and it was time to let him go.

I guess it's too much to hope that this might somehow get linked back to Obama, although at this point all that would mean is that we'd get President Biden instead. *Shudder*. Either way, it's about time something finally stuck to this guy. Blagojevich has played fast and loose with the rules ever since he came into office in 2000, so I'm surprised it took this long for things to finally turn out this way. Still, this can only mean more trouble for a state that is not exactly in good political and financial health to begin with. I'm curious where all of this will lead.

Of course, I'd love to pretend that I'm going to cover this in great detail, but who am I kidding? I am and always will be a "highlights" kind of blogger when it comes to big news stories. If you want good coverage and analysis, I might suggest an Illinois newspaper (one that isn't declaring bankruptcy, I might add), and of course the always impressive Capitol Fax blog.

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Barry said...

It's about time this guy got caught. I kinda hope it doesn't get linked back to Obama, because, like it or not, he will be our next President, and for the good of the country I don't him to be found guilty on corruption charges so soon.
Plus- I know I'm gonna get tackled for this- I'm beginning to not dislike the guy anymore. I mean, once he had that conference with Bush and started getting security briefings, he's changed his tune on Iraq. With the economy down, he's also said he won't repeal Bush's tax cuts. I think he's gonna tick off alot of his voter base, though.