Monday, February 07, 2005

Eason Jordan Update

Jim Gerraghty over at TKS has put together a comprehensive summary of everything happening in the Eason Jordan debacle so far. I thought about doing something similar, but if he's got it under control, why question that?

Also, if anyone with any sort of sway or influence reads this, could we please come up with another name for this besides "Easongate"? I'm so very, very tired of hearing every single freaking controversy just given the suffix "gate." Monicagate, Rathergate, blah blah blah . . . let's be creative people!

Or, maybe we can be creative and come up with something new? From now on, everything is a debacle. I dub this the Eason Debacle.

I'm sure that'll catch on.

UPDATE: Jim Gerraghty continues to cover this in multiple postings, but his most recent one makes a very good point. He refers to Rony Abovitz's latest essay (he is the man who originally brought this story to light), and makes a damning accusation against MSM for simply sitting by and letting this story become stonewalled, and yet taking polar opposite positions regarding such things with Bush and his administration. Cheney meets with energy executives? We demand transcripts! Jordan claims US soldiers are killing journalists in Iraq? Well, if they don't want to release the video, it's not worth writing about . . .


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