Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Words That Follow

This is mainly a test post. I've been trying to add some posts lately (pretty good ones, in fact), but blogger has been rather moody. I don't want to write something important and then feel like trashing my computer because blogger chewed up my post and spit it into the waste bin of the internet.

Anyhoo, on a relatively unimportant note, I've discovered this great online Java game called "Words That Follow" (see the link above). You and up to ten people are shown a picture, and have about 30 seconds to write a humorous, witty caption for it. Then, everyone votes on which caption they like the best (excluding your own, of course). You get points for receiving votes, and the most points after a few rounds wins the game. It's hysterical, as long as you're playing with clever people.

That is all. Keep your eyes peeled. I should be here very soon with some good posts, providing blogger doesn't hate me.

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