Monday, July 25, 2005

Science is awesome

So, apparently, some scientists have reservations about a crowd-control microwave ray gun developed by the military for use in Iraq. It's described as "less lethal" than standard arms. The idea is that when the beam hits a person, it doesn't start as lethal, but quickly causes painful heat on a person. Since a person will move away from this, it would cause a crowd to disperse.

I like the way Ace puts it. Some people are whining about this thing, and the permanent damage it could cause, or people being unable to get out of the path of the beam. Gee, ya know, I think bullets cause much the same problem. At least with this, people have a chance at not being terribly damaged on first hit.

Let's not be wet blankets here. I grew up desperately wanting a Star Trek phaser. Could we all just agree that ray guns are freaking cool and move on?

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