Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Real Story of Abdul Rahman

One of my favorite (though rarely linked) Christian blogs is "and his ministers a flame of fire." centuri0n [sic] has a few posts right now on Abdul Rahman's predicament (who doesn't?), and he makes some points that I wish I would have said when I was thinking them.

To summarize his point, a lot of people have jumped on this bandwagon and have talked about the political implications of this and the human rights disaster that it is for Afghanistan. Not that those are bad. It's horrible that people consider leaving Islam for Christianity a crime, in Afghanistan or anywhere.

The problem is that with all the focus on politics, the true message of what is happening is being lost. Cent sums it up best:
Abdul Rahman is not willing to die for democracy or republican government: he is willing to die for the sake of Christ. That is the story. Do not miss that story. Do not fail to tell that story.
Can do, centuri0n. Can do.

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