Friday, December 15, 2006

Target Sells Che

Target is now in the business of selling merchandise, in this case CD cases, with that infamous picture of Che Guevara, according to this article in Investor's Business Daily.

The editorial author is right, of course. Target does a disservice by selling such merchandise, if for no other reason than they're liable to tick off large numbers of customers and investors. Again.

Economic concerns aside, Guevara was a maniac. I've written about him on this blog before. Quite a while ago, in fact. (Try here, here, and here)

So, yeah. Not a wise choice, Target.

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NOTR said...

While the public and the media have little doubt what a swastika earring or hammer and sickle broach represent, the collective ignorance regarding Che Guevera is astounding. If Target decides to feature other murdering sociopaths on their items we probably need to brace ourselves for clothing and goods featuring the images of Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and maybe OJ Simpson too. Che Guevera is well above them in kills, but they proved themselves every bit as viscous. Has the management of Target decided that featuring iconic murderers is now culturally acceptable in America? Or maybe only Marxist ones? Looking at some college demonstrations and those in San Francisco you realize fast that a lot of people think this butcher is a cool dude. Its appalling isn't it?

I for one won’t be at Target any time soon. While I have long argued a merchant has every right to make business decisions for themselves, I have a right that is more important to Target. I vote with where I spend my dollars. And Target just lost my vote so long as it continues to exhibit such gross stupidity and ignorance of history.