Thursday, April 21, 2005

Radical Un-Chic

Well, I'm glad there's someone who agrees with me, and at Yale of all places.

This is an article by Keith Urbanh, and it chastises those on the left who would still hold on to their lionization of Communists, Marxists, and other socialistic butchers. Given the recent topics on this blog, here's what I consider to be the most relevant passage:

Che Guevara is the consummate embodiment of Marxism and everything it stands for: mass murder, injustice and failure. Che's noble vision of serving the communist revolution was killing hundreds -- likely thousands -- of "state enemies" in the Cuban jungles as Fidel Castro's executioner. With the conviction of a true crusader for justice, he believed that "to send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary." His attempts at fomenting socialist uprisings and fighting bloody insurgent campaigns in the Congo and Bolivia were grand failures that led to his ignominious death . . .

But "idealism," "courage" and "equality" were part of the Marxist myth fed to us by the propaganda machines of communist regimes and the Western intellectual elite who willingly did their bidding. Yet the Marxist reality, now revealed to us by a century of communism's ignoble history, is synonymous with genocide and tyranny. That we are blind to the crimes of communism and the true meaning of Marxism is no longer an excuse. Marxism was a dark -- perhaps the darkest -- chapter in human history. Those who still admire the ideology are sullied by the black stain of 85 million deaths. Those who -- ignorant of the story behind their beloved leftist icons -- sport Che or vintage Communist Party shirts are likewise tainted by tacit approval of unprecedented crimes against humanity.

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