Saturday, September 22, 2007

Super Happy Weekend Fun Poll

I'm working on a presentation this weekend, so no political rantings, scientific drudgeries, or philosophical musings. Instead, I thought I might get the rest of you to participate (all 3 of you, or however many actually manage to return).

The new season of Heroes starts Monday, so I thought it might be a good time to break out the question that was asked of me: If you could have any of the Heroes powers, which one would it be?

I think it's a better question than usual. Most other superheroes tend to be overpowered (Spiderman, Superman, etc.), so you usually ask for a package deal. The Heroes cast seem to be one-shot characters.

Your choices:
  • Self-healing (Claire)
  • Healing others (Linderman)
  • Remove memories/block powers (Haitian guy)
  • Create illusions (That one lady)
  • Pass through solid objects (DL)
  • Super strength (Nikki/Jessica)
  • Manipulate electronics (Micah)
  • Communicate with electronics (That Israeli soldier-lady)
  • Manipulate space-time (Hiro)
  • See the future (Isaac)
  • Telepathy (Matt)
  • Manipulate people (Eve)
  • Radioactivity (Ted)
  • See how things are "broken" (Sylar)
  • Invisibility (Australian guy)
  • Appear in people's dreams (That Indian kid)
  • Locate any other hero (Molly)
  • Fly (Nathan)
  • Absorb powers (Peter)
Did I leave anyone out? Vote in the comments, I don't know how to make a poll. Also, feel free to discuss predictions for the new season.

I think I might go with flight. I'd enjoy it more than any of the others without the risk of abusing it, and it comes with far fewer drawbacks than some of the "cool" powers. Linderman's ability to heal others would be nice, but he's right that the weight of only being able to heal the world's wounds one at a time would be taxing.

On the other hand . . . if I had Hiro's powers, I could finally go back and meet Jesus.

After further thought . . . I couldn't be trusted with invisibility. Who could?

By the way . . . yes, I know Blogger allows you to add a poll to the blog. The problem is, it adds it to the sidebar, not in the post, which really screws up the formatting on the page. I really ought to hire a professional to deal with this stuff for me. And when I say "hire," what I really mean is "wheedle into working for free."


Dr. Church said...

yeah - flight would be great
the illusions thing could be fun too
as could of course invisibility and the space/time thing

Jen said...

I've always wanted to fly. Especially now that it would be so much more efficient than my current commute.