Friday, December 07, 2007

Heroes Season Two Wrap-up

It's not in my nature to ruin things for others, so my thoughts will be in the comments.

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Hal said...

1) Why can't Sylar just die already? I have room in my heart for a new villain, NBC. I promise I do. What I don't have room for is a carrot that will be dangled in front of me for 12 seasons that I can never have. If there's another season of Sylar killing off minor characters and not getting what's coming to him, I'm going to be very upset.

2) The Company kept Sylar alive. Why? We never learned the answer to that.

3) Did Noah Bennett really shoot Nathan Petrelli? It sure looked like him. Oh, I've no doubt Nathan will live. Peter will just give him some blood and call it a day.

4) I wonder if "Adam Monroe" will ever escape? I guess he has all the time in the world to do so. Man, if he ever does get out, he is going to be one crazy SOB.

5) Why am I numbering the topics? That doesn't make any sense.

6) Stupid writers' strike. The first season was 26 episodes. The second season was 12. That's not right. I hope these companies get their act together and get their writers happy and working again soon, or else there is going to be trouble.

7) This is only related to the last point, but this writers' strike means the death of The Big Bang Theory, which is sad. There aren't a lot of great new shows anymore, but that one was pretty good. I'll miss it.