Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Lazy Blogging Round-up

Okay, time for link-fest to begin. Enjoy!

Zombietime's Photoessay of the San Francisco March for Life

Mexican Army Invades US

And of course, more Glenn McCoy:

I wonder if the Democrats know the definition of the word "irony?"


meera said...

well, we liberal-minded people definitely see irony in action when pro-lifers support war or divorced infidel heterosexuals say that homosexuality is ruining the sanctity of marriage.


meera said...

oops. my comment came out very differently than i had intended because i accidentally typed infidel when i meant unfaithful...

i should not post comments late at night - my brain and my fingers are clearly not in sync. sorry.

Hal said...

Well, I suppose part of the problem with that is that the quite rhetorical titles "pro-life" and "pro-choice" are just that, rhetoric. They're titles adopted because nobody likes "pro/anti-abortion," although it's not usually that simple.

But then, I guess I don't see what that has to do with Sen. Byrd's having been a KKK Grand Dragon at one time.

meera said...

except that most pro-lifers i know base their anti-abortion stance on how wrong it is to take innocent lives.

and you are right, my response didn't have anything to do with the cartoon. i was taking the irony question out of context.

Hal said...

Well, you say they base their stance of "pro-life" on the theory of not taking innocent lives. Most criticisms of the title think it should mean against the taking of any life.

And pro-choice . . . what does that mean, really? We know what choice they're talking about. It's not talking about private school vouchers or anything . . .

Anonymous said...

Well, keep in mind the Democratic Party also considers Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton champions of women's rights!
What do you get when you have a group of womanizers, racists, murderers and drunkards? The Democratic Party!

Also, concerning Meera's comment-
The only place I really hear that divorce is okay and homosexuality is not is from "liberal minded people" that want the conservative movement to fail. I really don't know any right-wingers that think this way.

And also remember, war and abortion are different issues.
When you come down to it, we were there to take out someone that opposes the sanctity of any life. If we want to preserve life, how could we not remove him?