Monday, January 23, 2006

Mission Statement

It has occurred to me that I've acquired several new regular readers in the last few months. I know some of you don't know me all that well (although I'm sure you know enough after reading this blog), so I thought I'd take a moment to talk about what this blog is about and why it exists.

I began Halbert's Cubicle on a whim, having gotten into reading blogs and finding them incredibly informative and entertaining. My thoughts were various; Even I could comment on news and politics, right? Original reporting from the blogosphere is welcomed, and I was in a position to talk about things happening at my college campus or in the St. Louis area. Perhaps by being open and honest about the Gospel, maybe I could help change someone's heart about Christ.

Mainly, though, I started this blog because I'm a man with opinions, and at least this way I can share them. You see, I find that it's nearly impossible to actually discuss some of my favorite topics with people you aren't truly intimate with. Religion, philosphy, politics . . . people can't seem to discuss these politely anymore! Some people start yelling, others refuse to approach it, others just form long-lasting resentment and attitude by simple merit of having a different point of view. I write because I want to express my opinions and feelings, share nuggets of truth when I find them, and at least this way you're only getting it because you chose to come here.

So what is this blog about? Whatever the heck I want it to be about. I analyze news, I discuss cultural trends, I look at local happenings or report on something you might not hear about in the news, I philosophize, I share funny material, I write about God and man, sometimes I indulge in writing about myself . . . take your pick.

Welcome to Halbert's Cubicle.


Anonymous said...

Don't tell lies. You hardly ever talk about yourself.

Anonymous said...

okay except for that one thing a blog down. sue me.