Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Daily Disappointment

It's funny, really. I was just thinking today, "I haven't written about the Daily Northwestern in a long time. Did they stop being a bad newspaper? Well, not as bad, I guess. Or did I just stop paying attention?"

And then I chose to read today's paper. I'm still incensed by their choice of banal editorial columnists, such as today's offering by Mathias Muschal about whether it is worse to be killed by an octopus or to drown in lava.


In contrast, the statement from the editors today was regarding their corrections policy, and it's always good to see newspapers seeking to improve their product. Unfortunately, I still see a larger problem in an editorial policy that is both ambiguous and inconsistent.

So, the verdict at the end of the day is that the paper still needs help. Thankfully, the academic year is almost over. Maybe, come September, the paper will have cleaned up its act some.

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