Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Today's Required Reading

Quiet down, class. You assignment for today involves three articles, or "blog posts," which are highly informative.

First, from BigLizards:

The Lords of the District are offended that they may actually be required to suffer under the very laws they enacted for the peĆ³ns. How crass and vulgar! The "larger separation of powers principle" evidently also takes precedence over the people's business -- bills on immigration, confirmation of judges and the Director of the CIA, the war, taxes, energy exploration, and every other piece o'legislation that was let hang fire while Congress roared about laws that were a bit too universal.

The American people don't understand that. But even if you explained it to them, which do you think would concern them more: that Congressmen got their knickers in a twist over being searched (with a search warrant)? Or that Congressmen were taking massive bribes to conspire against the general welfare?

Next, from LaShawn Barber:

I’m just going to say this straight with no equivocation: The stripper who claimed she was raped by three white Duke lacrosse players lied. She had sex that day alright, but not with the three indicted white Duke lacrosse players. How do I know? Call it a hunch…based on mounting and overwhelming evidence that pokes humvee-size holes in her story and contradicts her claim to a stupefyingly obvious degree. No toxicology report yet, but if one exists, I bet I could guess the contents with amazing accuracy.

Next, from Michelle Malkin:

Like the amnesty bill of 1986, the current Senate proposal would place those who have resided illegally in the United States on a path to citizenship, provided they meet a similar set of conditions and pay a fine and back taxes. The illegal immigrant does not go to the back of the line but gets immediate legalized status, while law-abiding applicants wait in their home countries for years to even get here. And that's the line that counts. In the end, slight differences in process do not change the overriding fact that the 1986 law and today's bill are both amnesties.

For further details see Hugh Hewitt, Wizbang!, and Freeman Hunt.

Finally, from Captain's Quarters:

Don't say we didn't sound the alarm early on pork-barrel politics and their destructive potential to GOP midterm hopes. The Washington Post has an article that shows how victims of Hurricane Katrina remain homeless while the Republicans in the Senate pork up the emergency relief bill with hundreds of millions of dollars for their corporate pals . . .

Class dismissed.

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