Monday, August 14, 2006

Homeland Security Works

A few weeks ago, a group of 11 Egyptian students arrived in New York and were supposed to report to a program at Montana State University. None of them showed up, and so MSU alerted Homeland Security.

It seems they're all in custody now.

It's hard to say what happened there. Homeland Security says there is no reason to suspect a threat of terrorism. So why did they scatter as far and wide as they did instead of reporting to MSU?

What I do know is that this played out exactly as it should have. Forget the whole "profiling" complaint some might level about this instance, this was exactly what should have happened. Well, almost.

Ideally, INS (or is it ICE now?) would have been aware of the problem as well. Instead, it happens all the time that people come over on a student visa and then remain as long as they care to. I'm an advocate of increased border security, but I really wish Congress would fix the system as it stands rather than try to add in some bogus "guest worker" program. When you get a flat tire, is your solution to install a new radio?

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