Sunday, August 13, 2006

Phallic Joke Fodder

Yes, it's puerile and adolescent. But I still find penis jokes to be hysterical. Which is why this article about those "penis-enlarging" pills struck me as hilarious. Best line from the article:

Dr Mitchell has researched a recent outbreak of these attacks — known as "shrinking penis disease" — on the Indonesian island of Flores, where black magic is widely practised. In these instances, the sufferer believes he will die if his penis disappears. The last outbreak in a modern society occurred in Singapore in 1962, following a rumour that eating pork vaccinated against swine fever would cause shrinking penis disease.

"There were people rushing through the streets holding their penises … some of them using chopsticks," Dr Mitchell says. "As soon as they hit the hospital and started to relax, they came back to normal."
Quick jokes:
*Don't trip.
*I do not want to visit that neighborhood. Ever.
*I've been to some bad asian restaurants, but that is ridiculous.

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