Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Connect the Dots

Don't have much time for blogging tonight. But I saw this and couldn't pass it up.

First, read this Guardian article and/or Dr. Mohler's analysis of it. Then, read this opinion piece, which appeared in UMSL's paper. I'm willing to bet you see a connection.

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David Cintron said...

Some thought provoking stuff there. I seem to agree with much of what Granger said. I thik while the church struggles to stay culturally relevant they will ultimately loose this battle and fall behind. This being said, I do claim to be a Christian. With this I also associate myself with free thinking and libertarianism. Often I find these two worldviews can collide quite strongly. While being a Christian I see homosexuality as wrong and perhaps sinful, I cannot possibly think of enforcing my views or ideas on other individuals. That would go against everything I believe as a libertarian. So while the thought of homosexuals adopting a child does not sit well with me, I can not support any government or even the church condemning them. Man, I'm torn. Oh ya, and Fallwell is the Antichrist. Dobson may be in there too.