Thursday, February 22, 2007

Democrats Vs. Christians

Round . . . oh, I dunno, I've lost track at this point.

If you don't follow things on the internet, and aren't interested in politics, you might have missed this story. In fact, it's kind of old by this time, but I thought I'd write about it before it was too old to be relevant. Also, I've discussed such issues with my cousin before and thought it might be worth visiting.

Anyhow, John Edwards, Senator Kerry's running mate in the 2004 election, is running for the Presidential nomination for 2008. His campaign has a blog, and he hired two liberal bloggers to be his chief bloggers. I'd never really heard of them before this, but then I'm not a big purveyor of the port side of the blogosphere anyhow. These gals weren't Markos Moulitsas level stars or anything, but I guess they were fairly well read since they were picked up by a Presidential candidate.

Eventually, the two were fired due to complaints about their writings before they were picked up by Edwards' campaign. It seems they wrote a lot of highly inflammatory anti-Christian posts. I'll leave you to find them on your own; suffice it to say that they're either highly hateful or just vile. You'd think that someone working for Edwards would have noticed this before giving the "thumbs up" to hiring these two, but it seems not.

Others have written about this, and much more intelligently than I can probably muster. Still, I feel like voicing my thoughts on the matter. That's what the blog is for, right?

It's not a huge deal that he hired these two goonettes. If they want to bash Christians on their blogs, they can do so all the live-long day. The really bizarre thing is that you have a man who wants to be President, and he chooses them to be his ambassadors to the web? It boggles the mind. Imagine President Bush appointing Paris Hilton to be US Ambassador to the UN. Is that really how you want to present our country to the world?

I've had long talks with people about how Christians ought to be flocking to the Democrats. After all, they're all about social justice and such, things Christians are supposed to be very concerned with. You know, taking care of the poor, stopping oppression, being responsible stewards of the environment, so on and so forth. I guess it does get old hanging out with the Republicans after a while, what with their sodomizing puppies and all. The thing is, I've always noticed this thread of anti-Christian thought running through the Democratic party supporters, if not through some of its leaders. I wouldn't care too much, except it's usually people who are influential, not just Joy Peaceflower from the local chapter of the San Francisco Democrats for Kerry.

This sort of incident ought to give pause to those who think that Christianity ought to be running straight into the arms of the Democrats. John Edwards was the VP candidate in '04 and he seemed to have little issue with anti-Christian zealots like Marcotte. Do you think such a party has your best interests in mind?


Dr. Church said...

First of all - they were fired when their writings were revealed correct? Yes a more thorough background check should have shown this flaw sooner - but still. After all - this decision might have been made by some lower campaign person - maybe even Joy Peaceflower from San Fran. I think it's unfair to compare such an appointment to a UN Ambassador appointment. Now, all that being said - I don't necessarily disagree that there is a fair amount of anti-faith sentiment in the Democrat party. And I think if they want to have a prayer of winning the White House, it's an issue they're going to have to learn to surpass. That is, they're going to have to realize that much of America does in fact claim to be some form of Christian, and that these people believe it's not the worst crime in the world for a person's faith to influence his policy decisions.

Hal said...

It wasn't so much as their writings were revealed as people started pointing them out. It's quite a bit more complicated. At one point, Edwards came out with a "don't care, we're keeping them" kind of statement. The bloggers made a bunch of "we're sorry your an easily offended pansy" type of statements. Edwards ended up firing them anyhow without much comment, and the bloggers made some "we were never really sorry, you stupid Christians" kind of statements.

So, it's more complicated than I led on, although you'd get a better idea for that by looking for the posts of people who covered the progression of the story.

However, I'm not sure those elements of the Democratic party are ever going to figure that out. Many of them are "in too deep," so to speak, being very dependent on the support of groups that believe as such or having frequently used the rhetoric of denouncing the influence of "right-wing Christian fascists" on the Republican party.