Monday, May 07, 2007

Ibrahim on Armstrong

Here's an article by Raymond Ibrahim at NRO about a new book Karen Armstrong has coming out soon. Once again, she's writing about Muhammad (the founder of Islam).

If you read here regularly, you'll remember that I picked up Robert Spencer's newest book at Christmas. It's an interesting piece. Karen Armstrong has written a few books about Muhammad as well and thinks that Spencer is the worst kind of bigot and idealogue.

I've not read any of her books, but I did listen to her on CSPAN talking about one of her books. It's absolutely amazing. You'd think that her and Spencer were talking about completely different guys. I'll point out that Spencer uses citations like they were going out of style, both when writing and speaking. Armstrong doesn't when speaking. When writing? I don't know. But given what the Islamic writings say about themselves, she either has to be very ignorant of them or very dishonest about their content.

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