Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Random Thought Generator

I just spent a lovely weekend in Nashville, and the title reflects my brain upon return. This post is just a few odd thoughts and a couple of articles I picked up since Friday.

Odd Thought 1: People with one-track minds are hard to talk to.

I suppose it shouldn't be weird to say that Nashville is full of people who have centered their lives around music. It's the musician's Mecca, I suppose. Still, I found myself eating lunch on Sunday with a group of musicians, and it was really hard to carry a conversation with them.

I'd like to think of myself as a well-rounded individual with a broad range of interests. I could probably talk about anything, though to varying degrees of depth. These guys . . . it was nothing but talk about music and being in the business for over an hour.

There's really nothing controversial or insightful to add here. Just . . . people with such high focus on one area of life are difficult to interact meaningfully with. That's it.

Odd Thought 2: Christian cleavage.

One of the musicians I met this weekend was this lovely young woman, a Christian singer with an album in stores now. I'm sure she's very talented (though I didn't hear her sing), but I was a bit bothered by her outfit. She was, ahem, well-endowed, and wore a shirt that let it show.

Perhaps I'm overly focused on modesty, but doesn't this seem like a conflict of interest? "I want to encourage my brothers in Christ to purity and holiness . . . but in the meantime, don't you think I have great jubblies?"


David Cintron said...

Christian Cleavage. This makes me laugh

Nicole said...

Speaking of one track minds....out of all the things you had go on this weekend the two you chose to emphasize on (er, even mention rather) are these two things? You're STILL droning on about that girl? Geeeeeez. Glad to know that everything else was good though.

meera said...

a) hehe, jubblies.

b) you are absolutely correct. if you are going to be representing good morals and purity and the like, you should be more modest. i wish that there were more men who would exhibit this kind of concern for women.

if i may offer a suggestion, there have been some recent advances in modest attire for females. you might want to point this poor confused temptress to either of these wonderful websites for some more appropriate garments.

Hal said...

a) What, no burqini?

b) I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. Do you actually appreciate men who favor modesty, or are you comparing me to amish/muslims?