Monday, June 04, 2007

Knocked Down

I've no intentions of seeing Knocked Up. Even as far as comedies (does this count as a romantic comedy?) go, it's too weird for even me.

However, if it's your thing, there's a review up on NRO, focusing mainly on the link with abortion in the movie.


Meera said...

that review kind of cracks me up.

she clearly didn't talk to the seth rogen, producer/writer and lead role of the movie when she said:
there's no question the movie embraces life

because i believe mr. rogen's take on it is:
Politically, I have no relevant opinions. I'm not going to shatter anyone's world by our take on Planned Parenthood. But it just seemed like, you need her to make that decision to get to the other hour and a half of the movie, so let's just try to get there.


Hal said...

Fair enough. I still have no interest in seeing it, though.