Wednesday, June 06, 2007

PvP vs. PCG?

Are you familiar with the phrase, "a tempest in a teapot?"

That pretty much sums up, to me, a bit of a spat that's started in the computer gaming world

Penny Arcade, the biggest gaming comic on the web, has started work on a video game of their own. This is pretty big, and kind of cool in a geeky sort of way.

PC Gamer, the premiere gaming magazine, made the new PA game their cover story for this month. There's a great article about the game. In the issue, the editor-in-chief used his "From the Editor" column to mention that he wasn't a big fan of PA. When I read it, I thought it a bit tasteless but didn't think much of it.

Apparently I wasn't paying much attention.

Scott Kurtz, author of PvP, another huge gaming comic, is pretty irate about the whole affair. He uses the analogy of asking someone to the prom, only to get there and find out your date did it on a dare from his buddies.

I'm still not sure I see the big deal. Sure, it was a bit of a faux pas on the part of the PCG editor. I just don't get the "fire and brimstone" response of Kurtz and the PvP community. The PA guys are still going to be wildly popular and their game will sell like hotcakes (well, a video game about hotcakes). PCG is still going to sell issues and sometimes people will disagree with their opinions.

Life goes on.

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