Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I'm not a big fan of the days when I'm stuck in my office studying or grading. I get hungry and have nothing to snack on. Today, I decided to do something about that and actually remembered the dollar sitting in my pocket.

I thought my luck was grand when I saw that a package of peanuts was a dollar. I fed in my money, plugged in my order and . . . watched as my peanuts spun on the spindle and held on from dropping by a hair.

Right now I'm amazed that this even happens outside of television. What a day.


-Murphy said...

They appear to have rigged the vending machine which gets my money to err on the side of giving too much, so the spinny thing spins a second time if it detects that nothing has fallen.

Usually, though, a good hard thwack should help you out there. Or putting in more money and having rainy day peanuts.

Anonymous said...

I occasionally visit a vending machine in Cook and once was able to get an extra bag of chips by noticing that the Buggles were just barely hanging on and that the Cheez-its next to it were slightly behind it. I hit Cheez-its button and they moved and pushed the Buggles down too.

That doesn't compare to the day I pushed the button to get a Ding Dong and just how Murphy described it, I got two. There I was with a big smile on my face and a Ding Dong in each hand. It was magical.


Anonymous said...

Quote "There I was with a big smile on my face and a Ding Dong in each hand. It was magical."

-- Brandon