Friday, October 26, 2007

What a drag

While I was at ISU, I dreaded the issue of The Daily Vidette that came out every year after PRIDE, the campus GLBT group, held their drag show. I dreaded it because it always meant the front page was going to be a man in a dress, and not in that hilarious, "somebody just came up with a last minute Halloween costume" way.

I never complained to the Vidette, though, which suprises me considering how many other things I complained to them about. I guess I was just due, however, because UMSL has a similar group (PRIZM) who just held their 4th annual drag show. And wouldn't you know it, the cover of The Current, UMSL's student newspaper, was devoted to the drag show.

As it turns out, so was the back page. Full page photo spread, even. I wasn't very pleased when I saw one of those photos included a guy and a queen dry humping. Normally, I'd just ignore it, but I usually read the paper on the train. The night I grabbed this paper and started reading, I realized I'd been waving the picture around in front of some kids in the next seat. Beautiful.

I decided to do what any cranky prude does and complained on The Current's website. Hoo boy, did that earn me some wrath. It was like a siren song to the angry gay men, because I received a virtual earful from some guy named Mike.

You're welcome to examine the exchange. I think at times he's either cutting/pasting from a bunch of form letters or material that they use to deal with "homophobes" on the webernets, but I could be wrong. It just seems like he's having a completely different discussion at times, throwing in a couple of remarks directed at me just to keep things on track. Meh. I'm done with it. One can only read 10 page screeds about why you're a terrible person for so long before one walks away. I guess I'm not cut out to be POTUS.

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Jen said...

Sigh. I will only say that the reason you never complained to the Vidette is that the paper was so freakin' awful that you had more important things to complain about. Incorrect grammar, for example. :-)