Friday, January 25, 2008

Depends on the meaning of "straight"

In the last post, Jen and I had a discussion in the comments about why I don't support John McCain. As reference for my remarks, I posit some articles: This one by Ann Coulter, and if that isn't your style, this one by the Washington Times.

So yeah . . . McCain won't be getting my endorsement. I bet he's just crushed.


Jen said...

Hal, I understand that your beliefs are the complete polar opposite of mine. I accept that. I also accept that you are an intelligent person who thinks seriously about his decisions and tries to be well informed. However, I loathe and disdain Ann Coulter, and thus I have just lost quite a bit of respect for you.

Perhaps from now on we should stick to making geek-tastic jokes and complaining about the appalling grammar of college newspapers. :-)

Hal said...

Ah, I realize Ann Coulter isn't for everyone. I'm not a regular reader. I actually only posted the link because I found it right alongside the link to the Washington Times article.

Still, her points are mirrored (more or less) in the Times article. Argue against anything else she's said, her timeline for McCain's glorious "conservatism" is not off base.

Jen said...

(Sigh of relief.) Glad to hear that you're not a Coulter regular. Sorry if I got a little, er, indignant. It's that woman...she makes me twitch like a caffeinated gerbil.

Incidentally, the cover story in this week's issue of Time also discussed some of the conservative objections to McCain. I found it rather educational.