Sunday, January 06, 2008

Diminishing Returns

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not quite dead. December being what it is, what with all the holidays and people returning to town and new video games and what not, you tend to become distracted. Or rather, I tend to become distracted.

In any event, I spent New Year's Even in Chicago with some old friends from ISU, and it was quite a lot of fun. What didn't hurt was that our gracious host had purchased this some months ago:

Yes, that is a BIG television. Seventy-three inches, in fact.

On the one hand, I'm quite jealous. Who wouldn't love having that behemoth taking over their living room, the envy of cinephiles everywhere?

On the other hand, there comes a point at which it's not very helpful to have a larger television. We spent a good portion of my time there playing Halo 3 on this monstrosity. Even with the HD hook-up for the Ecks Bawks, there was still pixelation in a lot of the graphics. Don't even get me started on what the Wii graphics looked like . . . it wasn't as good looking as it was on smaller televisions. Our host still has his old N64, and he's said that it's all but unplayable on that television. I can only imagine.

He doesn't own an HD/Blu-ray DVD player, so normal DVDs suffer from pixelated quality as well. Even HD television, the ideal medium for such a TV, starts showing problems around the edges at such a size.

This makes me curious what the best TV size is. At what point does a larger screen start impinging on visual quality?


Anonymous said...

If you are really that interested... I'm sure my father would love to have a nice long conversation with you about it. He knows lots of good info:)

Anonymous said...

that tv is almost assuredly too large for that room. here is a guide pulled from

tv size : viewing distance
30" : 3.75-6.25 feet
34" : 4.25-7 feet
42" : 5.25-8.75 feet
50" : 6.25-10.5 feet
56" : 7-11.75 feet
62" : 7.75-13 feet
70" : 8.75-14.75 feet

-- brandon

Hal said...

This coming from the man who pulls his couches up to within 3' of the TV everytime we play Halo3.

Anonymous said...

yep, but if you think about it, i have a 55 inch tv, divide that by 4 people and each person has their own 27.5" TV. which comes in underneath the tv viewing distance chart that I listed here. so 3-4 feet is about right for a tv of that size.