Monday, January 28, 2008


Earlier today I was listening to Fear the Boot, a podcast about tabletop roleplaying games. One of these days, if I ever get around to updating my blogroll, I'll add them to the list. The episode I was listening to revolved around religion in roleplaying games, and it's an interesting topic.

In DnD, you can play as a cleric. The cleric is dedicated to his or her deity, and gets all of their divine spells from said god. However, most clerics don't sit in the temple and preach but go out into the world on wild adventures. There's really no comparison to anything you might find today.

The humorous thought this brought to mind is the "favored weapon" system, wherein each deity favors a certain weapon, which allows the clerics who worship said deity access to that weapon. This makes me wonder . . . what would Jesus carry?

I can humorously imagine my pastor carrying a sawed-off shotgun around because it was Jesus' preferred firearm. But in seriousness, what might that weapon be? I can think of three possibilities:
  • Sword - Jesus did say that he came bearing the sword.
  • Spear - Lance of Longinus, anyone? I guess Jesus wouldn't remember spears too fondly, but I can imagine them having some sort of significance.
  • Whip - Jesus did clear the moneychangers out of the temple courtyard with one. Perhaps he was skilled in its use.
Anything I might have left off? Add your two cents.


Anonymous said...

Bread and water.

-Murphy said...

Ok. That last post where you admitted to playing D&D wasn't that geeky. I know lots of people who play D&D and though I don't play it myself (I tried ShadowRun once but couldn't get into it), it's a hobby. You're not LARPing.

Are you?

But no. That was not that geeky. This, however, is.

Immensely geeky.

Which means you win the prize.

That said, some kind of shepherd's staff? Would that work?

Jen (stage combat geek) said...

Jesus would totally lay the smack down with a quarterstaff. It's a very practical, versatile object and would not attract unwanted attention. And a wooden staff seems right for a carpenter's son.

Now this is my kind of discussion!

Hal said...

No, I'm not LARPing. Those people are just wrong. They're the dorks among dorks in the geek world.

Which is saying something.

And a quarterstaff? I could totally see that. The good shepherd would carry one of those.

-Murphy said...

No, I'm not LARPing.

Good. I have enough LARPing friends and I'm beginning to worry what that says about me.

Hal said...

I'd say it puts you a stone's throw from chucking bean bags at someone while shouting "Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!"

aronh said...

Dude, Jesus was totally a master of hand-to-hand combat. In fact, many people don't know this, he wandered years not just in India and Tibet - but also the Japans.

You know where I'm going... the Son of God is totally a ninja! And while he can use most any weapon, he chooses his own two hands...