Wednesday, October 18, 2006

British student arrested for "racism"

Read the article. This entire story is stupid.

A girl was placed in a science class discussion group with students who were not speaking english. She asked to be put in another group so that she could actually figure out what was going on, and the teacher had a conniption. A week later, due to the teacher's complaint, the girl is arrested for racism.

There are so many elements here to lay blame on I don't even know where to begin. The school? The teacher? The police? The laws?

The bottom line is that things are looking bad in Britain. If this were an isolated incident I'd brush it off, but stories like this are coming out of the UK at ever increasing rates. Britain may be one of the first societies to self-implode due to insanity.


Melissa said...

But if Britain imploded, all of the great alternative names that there are for things may be lost forever! For example, where else in the world can you ask to borrow a rubber and get an eraser handed to you? Darn those crazy Brits! Maybe I'm missing the point...

Anonymous said...

If getting a job in the UK was as easy as it is here in America for non-citizen/unprocessed immigrants, I'd be there next week.

They've got their problems just like every other society.

Hal said...

Hey anonymous, you're actually in luck.

Non-citizen/unprocessed immigrants are immediately placed on the public dole (including free health care) until their application has been processed, a procedure which can take up to 3 years.