Friday, October 20, 2006

Impeachment and Power

Captain Ed discusses some of the potential happenings that may occur should Democrats take back the House, including a look at who might become the new Speaker. This has left me to wonder.

If Democrats recapture the House, there is talk that they would begin impeachment proceedings against both President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Never mind whether or not such proceedings would go anywhere. If the proceedings were to succeed, then the next President would be the new Speaker of the House.

Could all of this just be a naked power-grab by the Democrats? I hate to sound cynical, but I wouldn't just brush it off. Considering the way they enjoy circumventing the will of the people by having the judiciary act almost as a super-legislature, I would put it in the realm of possibility.

Regardless, there is a lot is riding on this coming election.


-Murphy said...

Well, did you think the exact same thing about the Republicans when they did impeach Clinton before the 105th let out so that they could start proceedings before the next Congress came in and they would not have had enough votes to begin proceedings at a time when the Speaker-Elect was Bob Livingston, a Republican who would have become president if the president was removed and who later resigned under his own sex scandal?

Then, of course, there's the bit where every Democrat that's been recently questioned on the issue of impeachment, including Pelosi, has categorically denied that that's a viable course of action. Oh, and the fact that the comment about using the judiciary to override the will of the people ignores that the judicial branch has its allegiance to the Constitution as a check on the legislature. And that the judiciary has absolutely nothing to do with impeachment, as that's handled entirely in Congress.

So, yes. I don't think an impeachment is going to happen. If it does, I don't actually see how it would be less of a powergrab than what the other Team did eight years ago.

steve the troll said...
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Hal said...

Steve, if you can't play nice, then you don't get to play at all.

Until you can post without writing personal insults, such as calling the proprietor of this blog mentally impaired, then your comments are just going to end up in the trash bin.

steve the troll said...

A while back, you said no profanities were allowed, and that was the only condition. I have not used a profanity since. I don't see why my opinion of your intelligence is grounds for comment removal. People have insulted my intelligence on here, and called me names, but since they are your friends and they support your cause, they don't have to follow the same set of rules.

It has been fun, but my time has come. The double standards, fragile egos, hypocrisy, ignorance, and the exponentially increasing closed-mindedness have all contributed to the end of my participation in this blog.

I wish you all my best.

Hal said...

Steve, I'm generally lax on my comment policies, and you're right, I do object to the use of profanity on here.

If my other commenters on here want to flame each other, fine by me. You guys have fun. But I take offense to personal attacks against me. Your suggestion that I'm mentally impaired because we differ on opinions crossed the line. My blog, my rules.

You want to use that as an excuse to leave, that's your call.