Monday, November 13, 2006

Imagine That

Elton John wants to ban all religion, because it promotes hatred of gays.

I'm glad it's not up to him.

Yeah, and never mind all the good things that religion has done for the world (*cough* Salvation Army, Red Cross *cough*). Religion "lacks compassion" because they "hate" homosexuals, so let's just get rid of it.

Good luck with that, buddy.


meera said...

i'm pretty sure that humanitarian organizations like the red cross and the salvation army would exist without religious backing (i.e. doctors without borders). things like religious warfare, intolerance, and presecution would not, however.

now, i don't necessarily think religion should be banned. but i certainly think that people who use their religion to promote hatred should be punched in the ear.

Hal said...

Humanitarian organizations might exist, sure, but you can't deny that Christian charities have done a lot for the world.

And to say that intolerance and persecution would not exist without religion is, I'm sorry, hopelessly naive. Atheists have managed to be intolerant just fine without God.

Not that I approve of invoking the name of God to justify hatred. You just don't need him to do it.

JayRodNU said...

Yeah. Just like that South Park episode with Dawkins. If the world was run by atheists, they'd argue over what to call themselves. And there'd be sea otters everywhere too.

Hal said...

Ha! I'm glad you saw that. That was the first thing I thought of when this discussion began.

"The humans eat on planks of wood! Why eat on wood planks when you have a perfectly good belly to eat off of? It's not logical!"