Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wii - First Thoughts

Ah, the moment finally arrived. The Wii was home and the box opened.

It was a bit slow at first. Figuring out how to set everything up (apparently I can't properly remove protective labels from foam pads) and then downloading software updates (gracious, my wi-fi is slow). After that, the fun began.

I started by making my Wii Mii (not to be confused with AOL's Wee Mee . . . I smell copyright issues). I think my electronic doppleganger is quite adorable, but then I might be biased. The Wii remote is a bit too sensitive for my nervous hands. I tried to turn it down as low as it could go on the sensitivity, but it still doesn't seem right. No matter.

I played Wii Sports for about an hour. Tennis and Baseball, mainly. First, I learned that I should never play tennis; my timing is horrible (Yes, I know real tennis is different).

I also learned that this system is ridiculously fun, and I can't wait to 1) Try out my other games, and 2) Play these games with friends.

Seriously great. Whenever more stock arrives, go buy a Wii. Too much fun.


-Murphy said...

I'm picking it up sometime next year as right now my money's going into a new couch. Clearly, the solution is for you to journey to Chicago with your Wii, set it up in my apartment and (here's the brilliant part) play it on my new couch.

I'll expect Legend of Zelda; Twilight Princess updates.

JayRodNU said...

yay. can't wait to play with you.
perhaps i shall be converted and buy one of my own (or perhaps some cousin will buy me one for christmas? hehehe riiiight)

post more pictures of the system.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty monogomous when it comes to consoles, but I'm anxious to see your Wii in action sometime soon.