Friday, November 10, 2006

A Man Possessed

Actually, there was something in the news recently.

MorganQuitno recently came out with its list of the 10 safest and most dangerous cities in the country, and St. Louis topped the list. In a not-entirely-unexpected move, UMSL's newspaper, The Current, had an article where students and professors expressed their skepticism.

Of course, most of it is inane, although I do give credit to the few professors they quoted along the lines of "We don't know their methodology, so we can't say much about the ranking."

The best quote, however, came from some boob of an alumnus: "I live in the most dangerous city and nothing has happened to me."

I'm guessing that college degree isn't working out to well for him.


Anonymous said...

I guess the college degree isn't working out to well for him......did you mean to put "too" well? Looks like your degree isn't holding up much for you either, Hal. And look at mine.....glorious in the making. That's the difference between a state school education and a private school education. I can, typically, distinguish proper usage of the word "to" vs the word "too" and even the word "two". Miss you. Give me a call.

Hal said...

Hoisted by my own petard.