Friday, November 10, 2006

More Funny Stories

Didn't have anything I felt like blogging about today, so I thought I might share some more random stories. For just having come through an election, the news is a bit slow. Also, I'm apathetic.

Anyhow, I've two stories. The first involves the guy in charge of our labs. After the students have an exam, all of us TAs grade the exams, but piecemeal. When we want to grade, we go grab the packets of exams from the guy's office and then bring them back when we're done. In the past, he's always told us that if he's not there we should just go in and get the exams.

The other day, I went to grab exams from his office. He has one of those things on his door where he can indicate his current "status." When I looked, it said "At Class," so I assumed he wasn't there. When I opened the door, well, I was wrong.

Thankfully, he was just eating his lunch. But if looks could kill, his would have said, "Why am I about to kill you?" I blabbered out something about his door sign and looking for the exams. He merely pointed at them. I snatched them up and scurried out the door, again mumbling something about not knocking and being dreadfully sorry.

Yeah, it'd be a better story if he'd been without pants, but it's still midly amusing. Well, as long as you consider me acting like a doofus amusing.

The other story is a bit older. In one of my classes, we were discussing micro-RNAs and the class of proteins which help deliver them to their targets. These proteins are known as Argonaute proteins. When the professor mentioned these, I asked during a brief pause, "Let me guess, are there any Jason proteins, too?"

She just stared. The class just stared. I probably turned about 12 shades of red (it's hard to tell when a mirror isn't handy). Finally, she reacted.

"What? Jason? Oh. Ohhhhh. Um, no, not that I'm aware of." And that was that.

I guess you had to be there.


Jen said...

Ok, even for science people, how is it possible that NO ONE got that? I was snickering before I even got to the punchline.

Hal said...

I can't say for certain, but I'm not certain how familiar the 30 or so Indian/Asian students in the class are with Greek mythology.