Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Back-to-school Blogging

Somehow, having gone back to school has left me feeling both excited and totally drained. I'm a complicated person, but then, aren't we all?

Therefore, since I'm feeling lazy today, I'm going to eschew real posting in favor of a link dump.

If you're not reading Jay Nordlinger's regular column of random odds and ends, you ought to be. His latest is, as usual, a great read.

MLK Jr. vs. Conservatives
I neglected to post this on Monday, but Andrew Busch over at NRO has a column about conservative disagreement with Dr. King in the 60's, and how conservatives ought to consider their praise of him today. It's an interesting read, if nothing else, and reaffirms to me the idea that being right on one thing does not make someone right on everything.

Jim Geraghty reporting
If you were paying any attention, you may have noticed that TKS is no longer in my blogroll, replaced by Hillary Spot. Both are actually the same blog, run by NRO's Jim Geraghty (Man, they ought to pay me for this kind of advertising). TKS once stood for "The Kerry Spot," the blog he began during the 2004 election season. The blog continued under the TKS moniker once the election ended, and now that a new season has begun, he changed the name to reflect the times. He's worth reading, as he does a good job of putting his finger on the various political pulses.

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