Wednesday, January 17, 2007

'Honor Killings' in UK Still a Problem

More than a dozen women are killed for violating community standards each year in the U.K., according to police. While Nazir's killers were jailed for life, U.K. police ignore hundreds of ``honor crimes'' to avoid inflaming relations with Muslim enclaves as they work to head off homegrown terror plots, say lawmakers and women's rights advocates.
The whole article is worth reading.

If it's true that authorities take to ignoring this kind of thing, that is both truly sad and truly scary, reinforcing Mark Steyn's argument about the coming downfall of Europe as we know it.

The article quotes some unnamed muslim leader saying that this is a cultural problem, not an Islamic one, but I think that ignores some of the reality. For one, Islam is the cultural identification for many of these people. Additionally, note the religion of the people committing the crime. Perhaps there is no sanctioning in the religious texts for this kind of behavior. I couldn't say either way. However, when nearly all the perpetrators of the crimes are muslim, perhaps a deeper look ought to be taken at why it's happening, rather than just giving us the typical "Move along, nothing to see here" brush off.

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