Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blagojevich the Siphon

In case you never read an IL newspaper, Blagojevich has come out with plans not only to dump billions of dollars into education spending, but also to offer universal health care to the citizens of Illinois.

How does he plan to pay for this? He's going to tax everything. (The link is a general round-up on the subject)

Well, not exactly everything, but every financial transaction that takes place, period. Apparently, this is known as a "gross receipts tax." Illinois already has ridiculous financial problems: Pension funds being raided constantly, businesses leaving at a steady pace, doctors leaving at a steady pace, more debt than any other state in the country, inability to pay doctors in a timely manner, etc. But instead of dealing with these problems, what does Rowdy Roddy decide to do? Ah, new spending initiatives. Always new ones. Can't afford it? Tax, tax, tax. Sounds like a bad idea? Don't defend the idea, attack the people who say so!

Hey Illinois, this is the guy you voted into office. Again. I hope you're enjoying this, because the fun's just beginning.

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