Friday, March 16, 2007

Random Rules

So, Slublog isn't doing an iCarnival right now, but he did suggest a "Random Rules." It's from the Onion AV Club, where they have a celebrity talk about the first 10 songs on their iPod which show up on a random shuffle. Here's what I have playing right now:
  • Sammy Davis Jr., "That Old Black Magic."
Heh, classic swing. You gotta love it. This song came off of a 2 disc American swing album I bought at an outlet mall while on vacation with my family back in high school. I don't really listen to the songs on it much anymore, though it's not out of distaste. I just don't feel much like listening to classic swing much these days.
  • Deluxtone Rockets, "Doing Time."
This is from the album Green Room Blues, which was a huge disappointment. Originally, I had a CD from a band called The Deluxetone Rockets, which was this awesome New Swing band. Later, I saw this album in a store and thought it was the same guys. It wasn't. These guys were some rockabilly group using the name, but the style was almost completely different. The album is pretty good, but I was really hoping for more from the original guys.
  • Anathallo, "Yuki! Yuki! Yuki!"
So, I love Anathallo. Their music is superb. Except for Floating World, which this song comes from. It's as if they wrote it completely stoned. I just have nothing good to say about it. I'm not sure it's actually bad, I just don't like the style. I'd tell you to buy anything else of theirs without any hesitation. This one, buyer beware.
  • Five Iron Frenzy, "Plan B."
Ah, FIF. I was just thinking earlier today how their show at Milikin University (Decatur, IL) was the best concert I'd ever been to. Not that I've been to a great many concert, but it was still a freaking awesome show. Pictures from that show? Why, yes I do have some:

  • MxPx, "Do Your Feet Hurt."
Man, this takes me back. MxPx was my introduction to punk music and everything alternative. I learned about them through this olda-boy in the youth group named Jeff. I used to think he was the coolest guy on the planet. Thanks to him, I ended up at an MxPx show at Mississippi Nights when I was 14. It was ridiculously fun, though at the time I didn't realize how crazy it was for a 14 year old to be at that club. I nearly had my chest stomped in by some moron in a mosh pit. Thank God for bouncers.
  • Chicago, "Beginnings."
I will listen to anything with horns in it. I developed my love for Chicago tunes by playing them in jazz band when I was in high school. It's one of the few areas of musical taste that I share with my parents.
  • Thrice, "Stare at the Sun."
Now, here's another band I highly recommend, though it's really only for rock fans. These guys are great. I started listening to them on The Alien, a local Christian rock station which has turned into a country music/Cardinals' rerun station. I don't relish that change.
  • Reliant K, "K Car."
I haven't bought a new Reliant K album in a long time. After they took off, their fan base shifted towards 12 year old girls, and their music changed accordingly. Blech. Hey, at least I can say I liked them when they were playing the side stage at Cornerstone.

Yeah, I'm one of "those guys."
  • Anathallo, "Hoodwink."
This one is also from "Floating World." I believe I've made my feelings on this clear.
  • Christopher Cross, "Ride Like the Wind."
I'm not even sure what this song is about. I have it because we used to play it in jazz band in high school and I thought it was a neat sounding song. After listening to the original version, I realize that it sounded better played by a high school jazz band. Sad.

If you feel like passing on the meme, let me know in the comments.

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