Thursday, August 09, 2007

August Link Dump

Meh. I haven't had much to blog about recently, so once again I'm just pawning some links off as a "post." I guess this is an "entertain yourself" kind of week.

Video Games
I've been playing the N64 version of Paper Mario, which recently became available for download on the Wii Shop Channel. I didn't think it appropriate to write a review for a 6 year old game, so this isn't a real review, especially since I've already given my thoughts on other entries in the series. This one's closer to the Gamecube version. Did you like that? Then you'll enjoy this one. If you have a Wii, go ahead and download it, it's worth the $10.

Proving once again why he is one of my favorite bloggers, Dafyyd ab Hugh has a splendid post up on Big Lizards connecting congressional pork to national security, as part of his effort to outline a "big picture" theme for Republican presidential candidates. It's not that anything he says is so new that no one could think of it, but I admire him for being able to connect ideas the way he does. He's a thinker, and one I envy. Go read the post.

Thanks to Scott Adams, I was led to this online comic, Basic Instructions. It reminds me of a comic I used to read in the River Front Times, though which one I can't recall anymore. Still, it's quite hilarious, and I highly recommend you add it to your regular reading list.

I'll be back when I have something to blog about.

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