Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's only a compromise if both sides lose

Here's an interesting story: A Dutch, Catholic bishop as asked that people refer to God as 'Allah' in order to "ease relations" with muslims.

The bishop argues that God doesn't care what he's called, so why not pick a name that puts everyone at ease? To an extent he's right, although considering the number of names that God has given himself, I'm not sure we can just choose what to call him anyhow.

However, it's a really, really dumb way of "easing relations."

I agree with the letter writer in the article. In Islam's entire history, small compromises like those turned into big ones, and they always go in one direction. Or have the Dutch Catholics simply accepted that subjugation is inevitable?

One other note in the article that is glossed over. They note that the leader of an organization for ex-muslims was assaulted by "two Moroccans and a Somali." In other words, other muslims. What they also don't mention is that Muhammad commanded that anyone who left Islam should be killed, so things of this nature shouldn't be unexepected. At least, they wouldn't be if people had any idea what was going on.

They also mention a "populist" politician in the Netherlands who recently compared the Qu'ran to Mein Kampf, intimating that it's a poor comparison. I've never read it myself, but considering its popularity in the Middle East, it's not something I'd rule out.

On a final note, I have to agree with Ace's take on this.

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