Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Battle of the Science Departments

Here's a rare personal update from your favorite blogger. Okay, whenever you're done laughing, we'll continue. Good?


After a long summer of looking, I'm finally "employed." I'll be a teaching assistant at the university again. Not exactly what I'd been hoping for, but they're paying my tuition. Actually, it's an even better deal than last time.

Last year I taught for the Chemistry department, this year for the Biology department. They'll be paying for my tuition, but also for my out-of-state fees (Chemistry didn't). They'll be paying me twice what the Chem department paid me. On top of that, they allow me to count my teaching hours towards full-time student status (Chemistry didn't). It's quite the advantage.

I'll be teaching a senior/graduate level lab course. Biotech stuff, yada yada yada. We'll see how boring of a lecturer I can be.

My major problem is that my Wednesdays are ridiculous. I'll have class from 4-5:15, and then teach from 5:30-10. *Blech* I have 15 minutes to prepare for class and consume whatever food I can scrape together. Then I get to ride the Metrolink back to IL? I'm starting to wonder whether you need a permit to carry a stun gun.

Oh, and the professor is in Mexico the first week, so I'll be covering his section as well. That's my fall semester. Good to know, eh?

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